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A+ Ranch is a small, organic, family farm located in Richfield Idaho. Blessed with land, animals and wonderful wide-open spaces, we are able to produce quality meat products for our family and yours. A+ Ranch Animals are raised with nurturing hands, ensuring the highest animal welfare standards and premium feed produced by biologically active soils.


Mitch, Acee 
and Lainee Lucero

The founders of A+ Ranch who come from a root stock of generations of land and farming wisdom.


Mitch holds a masters degree on paper and experience in business and agronomics. Acee is the cornerstone that holds all the pieces together at A+ Ranch and hold a degree in nutrition science. Lainee has a ton of potential but is currently working on the experience section of her resume.


Mitch, Acee and Lainee are blessed to have a team/family of support where every joint supplies that creates the dynamic atmosphere of hard work, purpose, faith and family at A+ Ranch.

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Maddy has been with us through spring and summer, working alongside her dad Brett and supporting in various roles around the farm. Maddy has been tasked with all things ‘farm work’ ranging from driving the biggest tractors in the field,  irrigating , fixing fence and most commonly tending to turkeys and chickens. While she will be off to new adventures as of September 1, we are most appreciative for all of her help around the farm.  



Brett is the first one to work and the last one to leave. His attention to detail and ability to create joy in his work is a special gift that is contagious. On the farm there are many details that need direction on a daily basis. Brett is on everybody’s speed dial and makes everything he touches better. It is a privilege to have Brett part of our family team!



Lilly is our livestock guard dog at A+ Ranch. From a puppy she was raised with the turkey, chickens, and pigs. She views all the livestock as her family, and she works tirelessly to ensure the safety of all. We are blessed with her skill set to let us sleep knowing Lilly is on the night shift.

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