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Organic Beef

A+ Ranch Cow (3).png

Cows from Morning Star Organic Farm are certified organic and pasture raised- never given hormones or antibiotics and always cared for in a manner one would expect from a small, family farm. When not on pasture, cattle are fed a diet of high-quality, locally grown organic forages and a small
amount of organic grains. The result is lean and flavorful beef.


The Difference in A+ Ranch Beef


No animal goes without love and attention and no person eats before any animal at the farm.


At A+ Ranch, nutrient-dense is a way of life.


Because we nurture our animals, nourish them with Organic grass and grains, and let them free roam on grass pastures, we raise happy and healthy cows. This ultimately provides a stress free environment for them to thrive. Happy cows mean less cortisol, which equals tender and nutritious beef for you and your family. 

Our beef has a 90/10 fat content, high in vitamin and minerals as well as substantial lean protein content.  High quality Organic beef is an exceptional source of B-vitamins, iron, calcium, magnesium, and zinc. The diet that we feed our cattle contributes to their high nutritional content and that is what makes them nutrient-dense. 

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