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Holiday Turkeys will be shipped Mondays & Tuesday 11/1, 11/2, 11/14 & 11/15. If you have a specific shipment date needed, please specify at checkout.


From about 6 weeks of age the barn doors are opened and our turkeys live outdoors. A diet of certified organic non-GMO grains and high-quality pasture forages create a slow, steady and natural growth. A+ Ranch Turkeys spend their days chasing grasshoppers in the sunshine and nights perched on roosts under the stars. Our philosophy is to raise thriving, healthy animals, which in turn provide wholesome, nutritious food for our family and yours.


We know that turkeys are not just for Thanksgiving and Christmas! A whole turkey cooked any time will make for a wonderful dinner and lots of left overs for easy, healthy meals in the future.

Organic Whole Turkey

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